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''Christian-Zionism'' and Political Zionism - British-Rothschild Hijack of US Christianity

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''Christian-Zionism'' and Political Zionism - British-Rothschild Hijack of US Christianity

An amazing account of how the British, Khazar Zionists, and Rothschild banking cartel succeeded in hijacking American churches weakened by the US civil war.

The real substance of the video begins at about 10:00min, and pretty much gets better and better.

Explains in part why and how the US has been repeatedly duped into fighting unnecessary wars for the last 100 years, and for whom they were really fought.

One of the best single pieces I have ever seen explaining NWO, British, RIIA, Tavistock manipulation of religion to attain their unsavory ends.


The Khazarian Invasion - Research Package v2

Secret History - Khazarian (Israeli) False-Flag Terrorism - Documentary

The Dynamics of the Jewish (Khazar) Elite - (updated)

Black Nobility - Committee of 300 - Globalism - Khazar Zionist - Oligarchs - Research Library 2012

How and Why Khazars Hijacked the Jewish Faith

Exiles from History - eBook by David McCalden

How Britains Biggest Racists and Financiers Created Zionism - by Mark Burdman

Stranger Than Fiction - 9-11 and Zionism - By Dr. Albert D. Pastore Phd.

The Ringworm Children - Khazar Eugenics for Biblical Israelites

Who Rules America - Khazar Media Grip

Congressional Record Regarding British-Khazar Zionist World Government and the U.S.A.

Below you will find a collection of PDF documents. Some of these are books etc. referred to in the video, others are additional documentation supporting its conclusions.

For convenience this info and much more is now available as a single ZIP file on the Archive:

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Run time 54 minutes 11 seconds
Producer Chuck Carlson
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: whydidGODcreateYOU - favorite - March 29, 2014
Subject: data which matters most....

It is true that in this life, we should make an effort to go against wrongdoing. It is also true that where people develop a cult of money (Jesus called it Mamon in the New Testament), that men will and have set their affections on earthly gain, and this colors the rest of what they do.

Soon many of these same programers of society will offer us a consolidated world system with a one world leader, and he will require all in commerce (UCC and beyond) or trade to obtain their state certificate of allegiance through a tatoo/mark which will contain the number 666 (expect the Roman Cult to suggest instead the problem is a mark containing 616,999, or 611).

Others have explained this in greater detail. Yet it is STILL true that those who have lived in LANDS and TRIBES of LIBERTy know that their freedoms and rights are inalienable (un-alienable) because those rights are a direct grant from God through Jesus Christ to each and every individual and head of household.

It remains incumbent on all those who know and love the ancient documents (Magna Charta, Articles of Confederation, Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution) to strive lawfully to ensure their continued success.

Yet, what would the point of all of this be, unless we remember the foundation, that despite attacks on the 66 historic books of the Old and New Testaments, despite the claims that the ALiens have landed, they are here from the government and they are here to help us, or that Jesus came to teach self-deification [which He did not, stating in fact the opposite and offering redemption individually, through his shed blood, to all who ask for this gift which He alone paid the price for its completion and its offer.

Students of civilizations know this as a Suzerainty Contract which Jesus Christ has offered
in HIS exclusive sovereignty through his UNIQUE position as the one-and-only-begotten-Son_of_God, as pre-existent and always existing member of the Trinity, Jesus Christ himself also being the Lord Creator (and NOT the false Sanat Kumara of Theosophy which attempts to substitute Satan-Lucifer as the masquerator)

[Too bad that neither Ezra Pound nor eustace mullins realized this, being both theosophic initiate, Pound knew too much as he married into International banking famlies, those who will soon offer to change the DNA of mankind through that mark which is likely to be DNA-tailored, requiring only your allegiance to Lucifer for acceptance, forfeiting any other course for those who accept that false offer to find themselves in the same abode reserved to Satan and his fallen wicked ones].

Nevertheless, let us remember the key point, the end goal of the salvation of your soul ...

How to have personal redemption, have eternal life-living-status, and find God

[[ experience UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, spend Eternity with God,
and all others who have made the choice to be forgiven and reconciled to Him]]

Every Breath you breathe is a gift from God. No one knows how much time they have.

No one who delays and then dies, thought that their time to live here would be up.
Suddenly its too late.

Make the choice, while you can.


Reviewer: Boston T Party - - March 24, 2013
Subject: What the land is supposed to Accomplish !
The points made here are valid. These issues are bigger than Scofield. If Scofield did not exist, everything else would still exist, the issues would still exist, and what to do about them would still exist.

If people really want to work on what counts, then why don't they THINK about what counts ?

The issue never was the LAND of Israel !!

Why do you think that the Jewish Knesset (congress) has been willing to give up Judea and Samaria, to the Islamic groups ?

Is that because they care about the land, or because they do NOT care ?

It is NOT about the Land of Israel, it is about what the Land is supposed TO DO, to ACCOMPLISH for them.

Thousands of years ago, prophets of GOD, STOPPED prophecying to Israel. God stopped speaking to them directly. The reason was because of their continued rebellious conduct.

By the time that Jesus had arrived, there had been 400 (430) years of silence from God, to the historic nation of Israel.

What did the Israelites do ?

They went into DENIAL.

They refused to accept God NOT speaking to them, as a fact.

They came up with ALL SORTS of other ways to confirm that SOMEONE was speaking to them, from the spirit world.

They presumed that the someone MUST be God.

But that presumption was in grave error.

The result was that they kept seeking to hear voices from the Spirit world. Eventually SOME of those spirits were in contact with the scattered Hebrews. The result though was not a work from God.

It was rather the result of contact with the SPirit-World. THat Contact instructed them how to INVERT, how to turn upside-down the Old Testament.

The results are a matter of public record. THey are called:
1. The Babylonian Talmud
2. The Talmud of Jerusalem, and
3. The Zohar

Those texts were then taken by those in Jewish leadership as a NEW guide for the Old Testament, even though the contents were actually very Anti-OLD-TESTAMENT.

These new books then REPLACED the OLD TESTAMENT as far as their contents.

At that is why the Jewish Rabbis today are known usually as TALMUDIC RABBIs, (with the exception of the Karaites who do follow the Old Testament alone).

Most of the Rabbis of either Orthodox or Reform Judaism today are TALMUDIC Rabbis.

Those same leaders of the Judaism of today have ONE GOAL: it is NOT the LAND.

IT is the ushering in, of their TALMUDIC MESSIAH, who they believe will be a Jewish Conquering Messiah who will become the ruler of the world.

THAT is the whole purpose of the NWO, and their money and influence garantees that these projects are only given the HIGHEST attention in the HIGHEST Circles.

So if you are concerned about what the leaders who rule over Israel and much of the other places in the world, you should be trying to learn all you can, about THEIR prophecies for THEIR messiah.

There is obviously a contradiction between Jesus Christ, the Historic figure who is also the Resurrected one and only begotten Son of God (which denotes a relationship, not that Jesus only existed AFTER His Birth, since JEsus Christ has always existed, and created the world, according to the GOspel of John (John 1:1) ), and the Soon to arrive TALMUDIC JEWISH MESSIAH who will run the world and usher in his peace of 7 years, for those who accept his mark of allegiance in their right hand or forehead. THAT one on the Earth is NOT the Jesus Christ of the Bible.

The talmudic works say a LOT about their near-future messiah, and it is very clear that is is NOT JESUS Christ, though they do claim that their messiah will be Christ, only not JESUS-CHRIST. Historic Talmudic material often has very disrespectful things to say about Jesus Christ.

So most of the other issues are a distraction. The Jews have written about this for HUNDREDS and hundreds of years. The material is in Hebrew but in other languages as well. Why dosnt someone take an interest in St-John-the-Divine Cathedral in NY (rockefeller) and the Seminaries and Jewish places of training that are affiliated with THAT place ? They took over most of the Seminaries by the 1920s.

Dont become confused by the significance of the Land. It is Holy because of a few Holy places that will usher in the return of the various messiahs. It is what the LAND is supposed to do for them, and how the Sanhedrin (which exists today) believes it can force the hand of God so that the Talmudic Rabbis would then be in control of the world. THAT is the goal, and has always been, at least in modern times.

Learn to perceive beyond the distractions.

Reviewer: clarifying - favorite - March 22, 2013
Subject: Authentic Christianity much older than Scofield. His influence actually rather limited
This film represents an attempt to put pieces of the puzzle together. But it is crippled by an abundance of incorrect statements and lack of research. Unfortunately, there are still far too many pieces missing. It is true that evangelicals miss MANY pieces of the geopolitical puzzle. But it is also true that docuslanders like this one do little to shed any light.

There are several conclusions that can be drawn. The first is that it the film not likely to get too many formal responses. The premises advanced are in error, therefore the conclusions are in error. That seems to happen frequently during the film. Consequently, it is more like a series of wrong statements followed by conclusions that leap without sufficient evidence. That happens over and over.

It is true that there remain problem areas, but they are not the problems addressed in this film. The problem with many MANY evangelicals is that they are LAZY. They do not know much. They do not know what they do not know. And most of them do not care to learn ;. Whether most of them can read beyond a 6th grade level is debatable, but most do not demonstrate it.

Their modern versions ; even of their Bibles are what is called " dumbed down ;.". This means that the big words have been taken out, only the most basic inarticulate English language has been left, and therefore they are easily deceived, easily led astray ;. easily believing foolishness ;. The problem is not that many of them are false converts (not really going to Heaven), but that more than that, they are LAZY false converts. Most of them have no idea what they believe, what to believe ;, and how to defend their own faith ;. That is sad, but still true. (there are still decent copies of the KJV ; and that can help ; ] ).

Most evangelical pastors are even lazier. On the basis of what their congregations DONT know, many of these pastors are sloppy, lazzy, derelict ;. irresponsible ;. afraid ;. governed and controlled by fear, (rather than by God-given spiritual power ; love or a sound mind) controlled by fear ;, failing to be men, to know what this means ;

and failing ;. to ;. instruct ;. this especially. When have you witnessed a Pastor trying to do fundraising to help a legal case involving religious Freedom ; ? Where have you found a Pastor who will teach his congregation to share their material wealth with the homeless, or help them to find shelter from the winter, (long enough to get on their feet) ? Most Pastors do not want to change the world, they do not want to preach the gospel, and many definitely do not want to teach what Jesus commanded the Apostles to teach. (Matthew 28: 18-20). What many want is social status and material comfort. Still, they have lives of quiet desperation ; , while their congregants drown in confusion ; and social messages that the Pastors spend almost NO time trying to address ; or overcome. They institute almost no studies ; requiring actual reading of the biblical text ; and most who read it are incapable of providing ; any real [[ defense ]];. against cults or false theologies ; including the false theology that all mankind can become ;. divine ; in the same manner as Jesus was. Blavatsky ; – occultist - teaches, that the New Age STARTS with perceiving and accepting SELF as God, but ENDS with perceiving and accepting Lucifer as God – THAT is the point of it all, and the point of the mark-tatoo, and the 7 years... to cause people to volunteer themselves to perdition. In many situations these days, that actually is not hard to do. Accepting the claims of Jesus as HE taught them in an accurate Bible ; like the King James Version ; that seems to take some effort and the spiritual Faith that each of us should ask GOD for] .

Some Pastors went to seminary. Those who did, are still not ; very familiar ; with history ; , or thinking, or the serious leaders during the time of the reformation. (and most seminaries these days are deliberately designed to promote confusion, (rather than clarity; ) [ questions about versions for seminary and other students] so that those who graduate usually are even MORE confused than before) Many pastors are HAPPY to remain LAZY, so long as they do not have to think, so long as they do not have to answer hard questions ; and so long as their paycheck keeps arriving. They are SLOTH-ful, false representatives of Christ ;, ignorant of the text they claim to defend, unable to give a reason ; for the hope that is within them, and most of them are very happy to stay silent and to NOT be involved in issues concerning culture. So the silence of evangelicals ;. their wilful deliberate Lack of knowledge;., and their lack of effort ; in addressing culture is a tragedy for the nation ;. and it is a tragedy for the culture. As a result of their own laziness, slothfullness, and personal disobedience to God ;. their communities are NOT impacted for Christ, most lives are NOT changed, and their congregations do NOT increase either in strength, or in knowledge or in in knowing how ;to deal with either the culture or the arguments that the culture, through its various media platforms advance each day, each week, in the lives of the very people that sit in those pews on Sunday morning.

However, despite these things, the film is still weak and incorrect on many and most points. It is not true that the movement to create a state of israel started in the 1900s (in Europe), and it is certainly NOT true that it started with Scofield. The movement itself was started at least in the early 1800s in certain Jewish quarters ;, and there is plenty of evidence ; to suggest it was ongoing ; for in fact many centuries ;before the 1800s ;.

The film gives far too much credit to Scofield both in theology and conclusions. You would think that one would be discussing St. Paul, Augustine, or even Josephus. Those guys lived more than one thousand years ago. Scofield was still alive in the 1920s. His ability to affect both timelines and theologies is very limited. Scofield by historic standards is very recent. Christianity is much older and much larger ; than Scofield. And some things are STILL ;. true ; EVEN IF they are believed by Scofield. But it is not a bad thing that the Jewish people were seeking their own state. The land of Palestine was obtained from the Roman Empire and then later held by the Moslems ; by Right-of-Conquest ;

So the narator alleges that Wars-of-Conquests are bad, only to defend the islamic states such as Jordan, and Gaza ; and now historic Judea and Samaria, as exercising an islamic-Right-of-Conquest. Why not discuss Ataturk (who seems to have been a Jewish occultist) and his work for the deliberate conscious destruction of Armenian Christians) ? Hamas ; (which is a branch from the Muslim Brotherhood ; of Egypt) advocates the destruction of ordinary ;. Jews ;, or Christ-Followers, those who receive the unmerited favor of God ; and so do most palestinian ; leaders. And Hamas in Gaza ;. consciously ; . persecutes ;. Christians,; and denies ;. people ; Freedom of Conscience ;. Freedom to change ;. religions, ;. and denies Freedom ; of speech ; and Liberty ;.

Islam ;. is very very ;. very ;. afraid ;. of allowing people ; . to to think;. especially allowing anyone who is Islamic to either think or ask questions ;. Whoever has the solution to conflicts ;, it is not the leaders of Palestinian or Islamic movements ;. Moslem movements are both transnationalist and imperialist, ( Protest again and you will die ) ; in
their theology;.

The focus should remain on dealing with wrong-doers within certain communities. The problem is NOT Jews, in the sense of ALL (each and every) those who are Jewish. The problem is rather those who are the wrong-doers ; in their community, those who intentionally debase currencies ;,who start and promote wars ; by positioning one gentile nation against another, and those wrong-doers who support other groups of same, such as the Bush family. That means the problem is those who do wrong, NOT those who are part of one ethnic heritage or another.

Even those (often evangelical coolaid drinkers) who do much research (for themselves) on Bush even thinking that he is good, soon find out that they (Bush & Prescott ; - Cheyne-Pierce families) are actually a family that promotes Satanism ; the Occult [ beyond the demon-invoking skull and bones], though encouraging ;. child-abuse rings ; .
the Occult ;

The bushes have a long history of this kind of activity, beginning in Connecticut with the support by Prescott Bush (Senator) of Planned Parenthood, starting at least as the 1950s. Bushes were on the board of director of the anti-child ;
Planned Parenthood. Do the research. They have a long history of being AGAINST the culture of life, and of promoting the harm and destruction of ; the liberty, and property of others, and a promotion of dismantling ; of the United States, first by denial of Constitutional Rights ;, then by subversion of the Court system (such as corruption of Texas courts), then support to Maquarie and their Tolling Roads in Texas [ 10,000 + miles in TX ... soon in your state ; also ] and the Bush support of the Transnational corridor of roads from the Panama Canal all the way into Canada.

The Club of Rome ;, the Bilderbergers ; and the Crown of England Crown of England ; (and the Netherlands/ Royal Dutch Shell ; etc) all maintain that Someone has to dismantle the USA ; since the USA still promotes TOO MUCH liberty and Freedom around the world. The Bush family hope to profit ; from that attempt to bring the USA into RUIN ;. Jeb BUSH (Florida) ; is PART of that effort, which is WHY in Florida, he would work in FAVOR of the confiscation of Private Property through banks, and worked to promote ; the FURTHER ;. corruption ;of Florida ; courts, that had been well underway thanks to Janet Reno ;, high in Florida Legal politics, before her promotion to Dept. Of [in]justice. The Son of Jeb Bush ;. the young Bush that is NOW running for Texas ; Land Commissioner ;. is one more example ; of their hopeful thievery;. The Bush family worked as financial ;. agents ;. of the Reich ;.in World ;. War ; Two (II) .

Any Bush Election success will result in more rights being TAKEN from Texans, rights being TAKEN from Texans ; even though the the Bush family ; SOUND and APPEAR to be Conservative and Christian, because they fake this ;.

Say the words "christian" or "evangelical" to an evangelical, their eyes often glaze over and they start giving worship and adoration to MAN, (worship and blind trust of political leaders) instead of God. This attitude permeates so called evangelicals. The Bushes are NOT conservative nor Christian, (and when has any Bush come out against the crimes in their own family ; ??? ). They love evil ; and they seem to be evil. All their P.R. machines ; will not change that. Remember the bush Generation of Jeb, Neil and G.W. cut their teeth on the Papa Bush campaign AGAINST Ronald Reagan ( after his work for ; CIA and CHINA, Inc) .

They [Bushes] are dedicated to the destruction of American Liberty ;. They confirm this with each New Generation they promote, much like the Kennedys, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers. The bushes have deep involvement in the the drug trade ;. and the international arms trade ;. in addition to their own partnership with International ;.
Oil contracts ; that FAVOR the spreading of ISLAM ;., including the building of ; more than 1000 mosques in the United States. This happens compliments of the Wahabi-Bush ;family networks. Sad, but true. The Wahab family and the Saud family are the SAME family and genealogy lines. The Saud line ; is the financial arm, the Wahab ;
line is the islamic religious arm but they are the same, following the same interests. The attempted dominance of America by islam is compliments of Western Elites and the Bush family ; this time though, through the Saudi Networks ;. These things do not happen in a vaccum. Failing to address these issues ; as a culture will have real results. real results ;

Scofield is not the problem. The problem is the idiocy and lack of knowledge of Evangelicals ;. (in the context of Christianity, at least) . They don't know their own history. And they don't know the history of history of ; the Reformation, and they don't know the history of the earlier leaders of true Christianity. But this film does little to address these issues. Palestine ; is not the specific problem, nor is Scofield. And no one cares what Scofield did before he was saved. Even if that information were true (which is highly dubious), all this proves is that he NEEDED help from God, which he seems to have appealed to ; and depended upon. The problem further is not Oxford, but the Oxbridge/RIIA system (look it up), and that problem stems from the UK royal Family UK royal Family ; working for Rome ; the new pope ;,and Certain ;. Occultist ;. Donmeh ;. Frankists ;., but especially the Abandonment by Oxford and Cambridge of Christianity, which was fostered by Neo-platonist Neo-platonist ; occultists [Yes Blavastky/& new ager E . mullins] (think Crowley, G.R.S. Mead, C. Jung, Sedgwick, Pease, the leaders of the Church of England leaders of the Church of England ; since 1881 ), such as Westcott and Hort, and their promotion of false versions, which have done far more damage ; than Scofield ever did.

Its just that most people do not know this yet, because they have not yet had the benefit of a global leader who will impose a cashless sytem cashless sytem ; requiring a mark containing 666 ; in the number-tatoo-mark. That will happen soon enough, though not before taking out the economic power and influence of America. But these events are what the Bushes, and those who are directed by Brezinski ;. Kissinger ;and Shimon Peres ; and Hamas ;, are ALL in favor of ;.

Economically, this is is known ; as Social Credit ;.Social Credit is the bridge & LINK between the New Age ; and the Currency reformers. Deny it all you want; but those are the facts. Isn't it interesting that Ezra Pound was one of the main authors of the original Occult magazine called New Age back in the 1920's, and that he was the mentor to the possessed W.B. Yeats (leader in G.D.) ? Isn't it interesting that Montague Norman of the bank of England was a theosophist, as are the Warburgs, and the Mellon banking family were the sponsors of Alice Bailey, and much of the New Age internationalist infrastructure ? Who understands better about Social Credit than the bankers ? they are the ones who want to control the issuance of credit. These New Age occultist bankers are the matrix conduits.

The matrix controls ; many of the anti-matrix movements. And that remains especially true of Eustace Mullins, Ezra Pound ; the Social Credit movement ; New Age, ; and those who pay worship, homage and adoration to the arriving Extra Terrestrial Aliens (who will be here, or at [[ least appear to be here, soon enough ]];.). Only after humans take the mark into their right hand or forehead will they eventually have confirmed both the [evil] source of the allegiance they chose, as well as what their eternal destination will be [hint - it isn't Heaven] . So in other words, humans are being warned about problems in the End of Days, even in books or commentaries written by John Darby ;. or Scofield. There are MANY commentaries that discuss and reveal hidden things involving the topic of the End of Days ;. including Gabelein, Henderson, G.S. Faber and others. They share MOST of the concerns and comments ;. that Scofield has. And most of them give strong warnings BOTH against 1) the Economic NWO Economic NWO ;. AND 2) AGAINST AGAINST ; Islam and the the new globally ; Appearing. [note: he may first emerge out of a well ; ...] false ;.- Mahdi ;.- Messiah ;. - Matreya ;.- Superman ;. who worships the God of Forces, as opposed to the authentic Messiah ;. Most who are islamic are afraid also to do research. Benjamin Creme, forerunner of Matreya uses both Mahdi and Matreya interchangeably, so those who understand the signs can see the writing on the wall. If Moslems found out the truth, those who follow Muhammed stop being islamic. That is why many Islamic leaders are so against historic ; research or asking questions. But the real God in Heaven who rules has no such fear. God is not afraid of the thoughts of humans.

As to the issues concerning truth and its social impact, It would be much better to concentrate on the wrong-doers within certain spheres that are trying to harm ; the USA and are setting us up for hyperinflation (such as Bernake) and surrender of all rights ; and of the imposition of martial law (thanks to military JAG martial-law JCS-agent Lindsey Graham ( Anti-Constitution / Anti-Liberty ) , a cousin and relative of Cathrine Graham Cathrine Graham ; from Wash. Post), whether directly or indirectly. Lindsey Graham has taken to attempting to deprive people of the 2nd Amendment IF ONLY they can now be Classified, as mentally ill ;. Who do you think THAT would be applied to ?

However, conservatives are notoriously slow to admit this (being overwhelmed ; with far lesser things), and most of them are lazy also. But dont worry. AFTER those events will have occured, then conservatives will be able to agree with each other, that they should have done more, Prior to those events taking place.

As to issues concerning ; Oxford, others may refute this more. But the University of Oxford was created in great measure to train ; Preachers and Pastors ;.
So the idea that somehow Oxford ; was supposedly a secularist ; bastion, and that Oxford University Press]; had never ; published books ;
dealing with God ; or Christianity;
is absurd, especially as their are hundreds; upon hundreds ; of examples ; to the contrary. Classic - Biblical Greek ; was required to get INTO the oxbridge ( a href=""> Cambridge ; & Oxford) system until friends of Westcott and Hort (it was Sidgewick, who also ran the Ghostly Guild/Society for Psychic Research) used their power to eliminate this ; as a requirement for attendance. The British sank soon after this. They abandoned God and He returned the gesture. Of course, the power in the Empire had been turning ever more towards Satan and the occult, shortly after those who loved liberty ; finally won in 1688 ;.

( Here are, two ;. examples ; both published by Oxford University). Not the least of course published by Oxford University, are the multitude; of Bibles ; that they Published ; for the past 500 years ;.

That kind of mistake the narrator makes about Oxford really affects the credibility of the film. You want us to believe your other assertions, but facts so basic ; about Oxford ;, about which you must have spent - not 5 minutes - doing any research on, you could not get straight. Oxford has a history of promoting both Liberty ; and strong Biblical ; Values. The problems both at Cambridge and Oxford start with the Freedoms given to Vatican worshippers ; in the 1820s, even while the Vatican ; was still conducting the Inquisition in Vatican-controlled ; kingdoms. The Jesuit order became legal and soon after, the standards at Cambridge and Oxford begin to give way to "anything goes" with no commitment to truth. This was promoted at both institutions through the work of Westcott and Hort, and their influence in British politics which most people are entirely ignorant of. Today England is a secularized nation very hostile to Truth.

As to war, it should be noted that the Bible is in favor of defense of self and family. The right to life EXTENDS to the right to defend that same life. As to the American Generals that promote war, they are often Occultists these days who are cultivating the same disembodied spirit guides ; (demons) that Ezra Pound ; and Eustace Mullins ;sought to obtain guidance from, their whole life.

There is no substitute for real research ;. The Bible promotes freedom-of-speech, freedom of conscience ;, and personal liberty, in many ways. It is christ-followers who are in FAVOR of the right of others, and other religions, to be able to speak Freely, and this STILL applies today, to those who are NOT Christians.

There is no other religion like this, that practices this as a matter of their faith. Christians have nothing to fear from ideas, concepts, questions, or conclusions from other religions. Contrast this with Islam that actively harms, persecutes, and physically injures those discovered to actually have a mind, to actually ASK questions, and to question ;the religious authorities.

Islamic religious authorities are very often the ones who are the MOST afraid. They are afraid that others will discover questions, answers and facts that would reveal ; far too many doubts ; about the credibility of Islam. Around the world, Islam is understood as a Universal system of Tyranny, oppression, oppression ;
physical persecution, torture, harrasment ;. disrespectful ;. of the human rights of anyone ;. who is non-moslem ; and generally Islam seems to be an unpleasant system ; to live under. Now, because of technology, the actual people are [[ asking questions ; that Islamic leaders ; have no answers ; for, and you cannot physically assault people ; and expect their questions about god to vanish away. That will not happen. So every action of persecution ;. against NON-Moslems seems to many to be a declaration, an admission ; that Islam does NOT have the answers it claims, and its God is weak ;, and afraid of the questions ;. or statements in the minds of small humans, even human beings who may be ;wrong.

As Orwell ; said, if liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear ;.

There is no substitute for seeking accurate objective truth. The questions remain about how to find, obtain, and be able to enjoy liberty and Freedom in this great nation (and around the world ;, even in Moslem nations ;. Those questions are likely to endure ;.

Serious minds, and especially those claiming to be anything like conservative ;, evangelical ;., Christian ;., or libertarian ;. or progressive ;. or liberal ;., should continue to find out the truth and facts of history.


What is the Infidel Task Force ? ;

What is the Age of Evil ?? ;

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